Frequently asked questions

About Lake Champlain Closets and Storage Solutions, our services, and line of products.

Do you serve my area?

Lake Champlain Closets and Storage Solutions serves Vermont, New Hampshire, and parts of Northern New York. If you believe you may be outside of our service area, don't hesitate to give us a call and we will let you know.

Do your installations stop due to inclement weather?

Yes. We pride ourselves in providing a safe work environment for our employees. We understand that the weather in the North East can be rather unforgiving in the winter months, for this reason if we encounter forecast snowfall over 6" we will reschedule our installs to our effected clients earliest availability and convenience.

Do you offer a warranty on your product?

Yes! We believe in standing by the quality of our product. Our distributor offers a lifetime manufacturers warranty covering any damage or replacement of products caused by defects in production.


What is the difference between a Lake Champlain Closets system vs. the products I see at local home centers like Lowes?

There are several differences between our product lines. The advantages of our systems over traditional store bought systems are:

Quality – Thicker shelves, stronger veneers, and lasting laminates. The quality of our product means you will never have to worry about your product wearing down, bowing, or separating over time.

Variety – We offer a wide range of colors, textures, and wood finishes.

Custom Design – Our product is design with you in mind, complete customization makes sure that no space will go unused.

Professional Installation – The team at Lake Champlain Closets and Storage Solutions does this work everyday. Our experience means there is no need for you to waste your valuable time installing your new space.

How do you deal with existing fixtures?

For the ease of our installers we do prefer that spaces are emptied and prepped prior to their arrival. However we do understand that removing an existing closet and prepping the space is not an option for everyone. For this reason we will remove your existing space and prep it for an additional charge of $150. This charge covers the cost of our installers time, materials, and recycling of the existing system. For painting needs we ask that the matching paint for a space be provided to help streamline our process.


Do you offer wire closet options?

Yes! While our primary focus is building out the closet or storage space of your dreams we know that one size does not fit all. For that reason we offer a complimentary line of wire closets systems so that we can best match the needs of our clients.

Where do you source your product from?

We pride ourselves in working with US based businesses both locally and regionally, for this reason we have chosen to work directly with a regional distributor in the North East. Their state of the art facility allows us the ability to create amazing custom systems for unique and challenging spaces.

How much does your average closet or storage space cost?

The cost of every space varies upon the final design choices. Such options include varied finishes, hardware, accessories, and complexity of design. Lake Champlain Closets and Storage Solutions was founded on the premise of providing a high quality product and service while maintaining the most competitive price. Our design team can work with you and your budget to give you the space you’ve always dreamed of.

This sounds great! I want a makeover for my closets! How do I start?

Awesome! Feel free to fill out our contact form or give us a call anytime! We look forward to working towards your future dream space!