Swoon-Worthy Closet Accessories

Swoon-Worthy Closet Accessories

When building a custom closet design for our clients, our goal is simple: Create a serene and functional space that enhances the lifestyle of our client. With that said, no two installs are alike. We work closely with our clients to discover their goals and identify areas in which we can improve their day-to-day activities. One of the most common ways we customize our solutions aside from custom fitting them to your home is by adding closet accessories! Check out a few of our favorite closet accessories below.

To Hang or Fold Your Wardrobe

Almost everyone has a some clothes that need to be hung and some that can be folded. Nearly all of our closet installs have some form of hanging rod integrated into the design. Imagine you are getting ready for a big event and suddenly realize your favorite suit or dress is all wrinkled or creased. Hanging these delicate items is key to keeping your favorite clothes in good shape so you can grab and go when the time is right. While many wire solutions offer basic hanging, we can stack your hanging rods allowing you to maximize your closet’s vertical space which can really add a lot of extra storage, especially in tighter spaces. Additionally, you get to select your hanging rod finish to make your closet pop!

Accessories To Help You Divide & Conquer

Want to keep your folded clothes organized, we have closet accessories for that too! For the clothes you want to fold, it’s important to keep them organized so they don’t become a jumbled mess in your closet. One of the best ways to keep your closet from becoming cluttered is to divide your spaces by grouping your items together. For drawers, we offer a few types of dividers that will help you separate your underwear from your socks or your t-shirts from your long sleeves.

Another great way to keep your closet organized is by implementing pull-out baskets. These wire or canvas pull-out make it easy for you to sort through the clothes you need quickly to help you get out the door as soon as possible. We also found these pull-outs make perfect dirty laundry baskets, so you don’t end up with a need-to-clean pile on the floor! 

Custom Dream Reach in Closet

Your Favorite Jewelry at your Fingertips

For those who like to add a bit of flair to their daily outfit, we have the perfect closet accessory for you. Add a built-in jewelry organizer to both protect and organize your jewelry. From watches to earrings, these precious belongings should not just be tossed into any old drawer unless perhaps you’re going for that vintage distressed look. These plush-lined jewelry organizers will keep your jewelry in tip-top shape and can even be furnished with a lock to prevent access to unwanted eyes.

Shoes, Heels, Boots & More

Let’s face it, we all have more footwear than we care to admit! From your fancy dress shoes to your gardening sneakers, keeping your shoes organized without purpose-built storage can be a challenge! A real winner in this category is our shoe fence accessory. A shoe fence can be used for any type of footwear and neatly displays them at an angle for a quick grab and go! Do you remember the classic Lazy Susan? Believe it or not, you can step up your closet organization with a Lazy Susan for your shoes! This floor-to-ceiling closet accessory makes finding the perfect shoe a cinch!

Remember accessorizing your space is all about solving your unique organizational challenges. For some, a certain accessory may be a game-changer but unnecessary for others! As you dive into your goals and needs in your consultation your designer will help you better understand the options available to you and make suggestions to help you meet your goals!

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