Timing Your Home Renovation Project


Timing Your Home Renovation Project

Whether you are building from scratch or renovating an existing house, you will be making a variety of decisions, big and small. It is important to incorporate your own personal influence and lifestyle into your design plans, which will truly make them yours. When your home renovation project is completed, each space will reflect your personality. Do you want a wonderfully appointed master bath? A spacious open kitchen? How about a mudroom, office, and of course the closet you have been dreaming of? As your list adds up, it is easy to get lost in the details of each area and lose sight of the big picture.
Home Renovation

When Should I Reach Out?

National studies have estimated that most small-scale home renovations take anywhere from 3 days to 3 months on average. This covers everything from updating your interior paint scheme to removing walls in a room or two. When it comes to building a new house, it typically takes 8 months to complete, top to bottom. While these time frames serve as a guide, your actual project duration will count on many different factors.

If you are considering adding storage spaces to your project, it is best to contact Lake Champlain Closets and Storage Solutions early in your planning process allowing you to incorporate our project into your build plans. This lead time allows us to thoughtfully collaborate to design, make alterations, and install within the timeframe you require. Depending on how detailed the designs are, it can take anywhere from 1 to 6 months to finalize designs. We understand that projects are often evolving so that is why we are here to simplify the process! We recommend starting at least 3 months from your intended completion date.

When Should I Start Planning My Design?

The easy answer is: It never too early! With a game plan in mind, our Lead Designer, Cathy will work with you to explore styles, finishes, and accessories to make the space specifically to your needs. This part of the process can begin as soon as you have plans for renovation or a new build. I can be completed early with expectations of a future date. Even if your home is not completely built, we can take rough measurements, with final measurements after sheetrock has been applied. This is an important distinction as the sheetrock will show us imperfections, unusual angles, and any deviations in the wall or dimensions of a room

What Is Behind The Lead-time

Lake Champlain Storage Solution designs are uniquely created to address our diverse client’s needs. Therefore, every aspect from room dimensions and obstructions to finishes is determined. The fabrication process involves individually cutting, edgebanding, and packaging before they are shipped to our warehouse. The manufacturing and shipping are typically 2-3 weeks from the moment our manufacturer receives your designs to the time your package safely arrives at our warehouse.

Closet Renovation - Final Product

Hiring A Contractor?

Our goal is to simplify one of many decisions you will come across during your home renovation project! Depending on your preference, we are happy to work directly with you for the project or work with your contractor. Just remember to reach out early! The perfect closet or storage space should not be left till the last minute.

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